Marketing from the first client touch to brand advocacy

What are we doing?

As a marketing agency, we build the effective work of your business through modern marketing tools.

As an HR-agency, we select motivated employees, help with the adaptation and development of new team members working under your leadership.

Who are we helping?

Build marketing and create an effective team

To business owners and managers

Find a job and clients in the industry of interest

For applicants and freelances

Grigorii Sorokin

Graduated from the Russian university with a master’s degree in "Industry marketing of goods and services".

MGIMO University (2020)

Graduated from the English Business School with a bachelor's degree in "International Business and Management".

The University of Nottingham (2018)

Founder of the Soroka Agency.

Marketing expert, entrepreneur

Each business project is a unique story and a specific set of marketing tools. It is important to us that we understand the area of ​​your business. Therefore, it will be easier for us to achieve maximum results — new clients and money for you.

We sincerely love what we do and know what works best for our client. It is crucial for us that you are satisfied with the quality of the services we provide and that you can recommend us to your friends, colleagues and partners. Soroka Agency was created with the sole purpose of making your business more profitable.

A third-party agency is not always able to study all the pains of your target audience and find the best tools to eliminate them. The Soroka team does not take on every project for its own benefit. First of all, we study the scope of your business activity and assess the feasibility of the project.

Your business is unique

Soroka makes your business more profitable

The time of "jacks of all trades" is over

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